sarsak elek biber közleme

Vibrating Sieve

Vibrating Sieve is manufactured for cooking and roasting of vegetables such as pepper and eggplant.   MODEL SE75.01 Kapasite/Capacity 2-3 Ton/Saat Ton/Hour Motor /Motor 0.75 KW,380V Ebatlar/Dimensions 100x120x140 cm Malzeme/Material AISI 304

seçme ayıklama bandı

Selecting and Extracting Band

It is an adjustable speed conveyor which is manufactured to control of fruits and vegetables manually in order to eliminate defective products and impurities.   MODEL SAB600.01 SAB900.01 Capacity 2-4 Ton/Hour 3-6 Ton/Hour Motor 0.75 KW, 380V 0.75 KW, 380V Dimensions 100x600x100 cm 100x900x100 cm Material AISI 304 AISI 304

elevatör üretim hattı makineleri


It is manufactured as a multi-purpose, stainless steel conveyor belt system equipped with modular strips in order to transport fruits and vegetables. Specifications MODEL ELV300.01 ELV300.01 ELV300.01 Kapasite/Capacity 2-4 Ton/Saat Ton/Hour 3-5 Ton/Saat Ton/Hour 5-8 Ton/Saat Ton/Hour Motor /Motor 1.1 KW,380V 1,1 KW,380V 1,1 KW,380V Ebatlar/Dimensions 80x300x250 cm 80x400x250 cm 80x500x250 cm Malzeme/Material AISI 304…

frumak salça üretim

Water Filter

That machine is used for decomposing of unknown materials from water. So, water can be used over again and also line and pumps are can be prevented from jamming. Production Year/Serial Number: 2016/SAF1201 Capacity: 3-5 Ton/h Motor Power: 0.75 KW, 380V Diameter: 800 mm, Filter: 2 mm All parts are made of stainless steel.

frumak meyve bosaltma havuzu

Fruit Discharging Pool

It is used for transfering fruits and vegetables from unloading pool to the washing pool. Production Year/Serial Number: 2016/ELV0101 Motor Power: 4 KW, 380V Dimentions: 82*375*215 cm (WidthxLengthxHeight) All parts are made of AISI 304 quality stainless steel.


Pectin Preparation Tank

This machine is used to prepare pectin solution.   Capacity: 150 Lt Motor Power: 1.1 KW, 380V Steam Operating and Test Pressure: 3/5 Bar Dimentions: Diameter 55cm, Height 145 cm Karıştırıcı Kanatlı, Ürün Çıkış Vanası ve Tahliye Vanası Mevcuttur. All parts are made of AISI 304 quality stainless steel.

Dolum kazanı

Filling Boiler

Dolum makinasının beslenmesi amacıyla kullanılan ara bekletme tankıdır. Bu sayede bir taraftan dolum yapılırken diğer taraftan pişirme işlemine devam edilebilmektedir. Capacity: 1400 Kg Motor Power: 1.5 KW , 380V Inverted Motor Reductor Dimentions: 120x220x165 cm (W x L x H) Özellikler Steam Operation and Test Pressure: 3/5 Bar Mixer Winged, Ürün Çıkış Vanası ve Tahliye…

Frumak Vakum Kazanı

Vacuum Boiler

Vacuum cooking boiler Capacity: 1000 Kg Motor Power: Vacuum Pump 7.5 KW, Mixing Motor Reductor 2.2 KW, 380V Dimentions: 150x210x330 cm (W x L x H) Specifications Steam Operation and Test Pressure: 3/5 Bar PT100 Heat Indicator Mixer Winged, 3″ Product Outlet Valve, 2″ Product Input Valve Closed Type Condenser System Electric Panel. Digital Temperature…

Premiks kazanı

Premix Boiler

This boiler prepares and makes ready fruit and sugar mixture for a certain cooking degree. Capacity: 1000 Kg Motor Power: 2.2 KW, 380V Dimentions: Diameter 120 cm, Height 165 cm Specifications Steam Operation and Test Pressure: 3/5 Bar Digital Temperature Indicator Product relief valve and Check Valve Steam inlet and outlet valve Electrical Panel All…