Our company has gained sales and marketing experience in milk and dairy products trade, farming and delicatessen, which it entered in 1985, and has made new studies on this path for 9 years. After purchasing the Sultan Bacı brand, which produces jams, in 1994, it switched from milk and dairy products trade to jam production.

Our company, which entered the jam production and sales business after purchasing the Sultan Bacı brand in 1994, had 4% of the Turkish market with this brand. In his 10-year journey of jam production, he also worked in cream chocolate under the roof of the same brand. In addition to domestic market sales, it has exported to various countries. During jam production, he started to design his own food machines and gained new experiences in this way. In 2004, he sold the brand to one of the biggest jam production companies in Turkey today and turned his field of expertise into food and machinery consultancy.

After selling the Sultan Bacı brand in 2004, he individually provided food and machinery consultancy to important food companies in Turkey.

With the experience he has, he has added experience to his experience in the years he provided food and machinery consultancy to food companies, and in line with this light, he launched the FRUMAK brand in 2007.

FRUMAK has been one of the few companies that has been making production and filling lines in many food fields since 2007. In particular, it has become the market leader in Jam & Marmalade Production Lines and Vacuum Boilers, using its experience from production.

It has always succeeded in making its name known to its customers in the domestic and foreign markets by providing Production and Filling Lines, as well as turnkey factory installation, prescription, brand and market consultancy.

In addition to addressing the Turkish market, our company is also a successful company in export. It has many customers in the Middle East, Central Asia, Africa and Europe regions and has managed to increase its export rate every year by establishing turnkey production lines in these regions.




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